There are many resources available to homeschooling families in Michigan:

Other Area Co-ops
Are you looking for other area co-ops to join? If you’d like to join Seeds of Faith Co-op, fill out this form and get on our waiting list. If you are looking for other area co-ops, visit our Other Area Co-ops page for a list of co-ops in and near Lapeer County.
Other Area Classes
Looking for supplemental (non-co-op) classes for your homeschool? Visit our Other Area Classes page for a list of classes in or near Lapeer County
Homeschool-Public School Partnerships
What is a “partnership”? A partnership is a program created within the school district that offers classes for free for homeschooled students that sign up to be a part-time or full-time public school student at home. Visit our Homeschool-Public School Partnerships page to see a list of partnerships available in or near Lapeer County.