Monday, July 3, 2017

Other Area Co-ops

OTHER  CO-OPS & HOMESCHOOL RESOURCES  If you cannot join Seeds of Faith Co-op there are several other area co-ops that you may want to be aware of. None of the groups below are affiliated with Seeds of Faith.
HEARTH (Hope Enrichment and Resources Targeting Homeschoolers)
Hope, Enrichment, And Resources Targeting Homeschoolers (HEARTH) is a Christian homeschool co-operative in Genesee County, MI. Our classes are held every other Monday at Richfield Rd. United Brethren Church on Richfield Rd, just east of Belsay. If you are interested in being a part of HEARTH, we would love to hear from you. Please join our Facebook group to keep up with all the latest news! 
H.O.M.E. (Homes Organized for Meaningful Education)
H.O.M.E. is a Christian homeschool group serving the Greater Flint, Michigan area. We offer a bi-weekly co-op, monthly field trips, Swim & Gym classes, a Talent Night, a History/Art/Lego fair, monthly newsletters, Moms' Night Outs, scheduled play dates, and more!
GUIDE-God’s Umbrella Influencing and Directing Education
Meeting the needs of Homeschooling families in Northern Lapeer County, Tuscola and Sandusky Counties. The goals  of GUIDE are to provide an opportunity for families choosing to educate their children at home to meet together for support group meetings, field trips, family gatherings, and enrichment classes through our Co-op classes. 
F.A.I.T.H. Homeschool Group 
The “school year” is broken down into two semesters: September – December, and January – April. Classes meet every other Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This program is for grades K-12. Because one parent or guardian from each family is required to help, we provide childcare for the younger siblings including a nursery for infants, a Wee Walker nursery for children walking – 24 months of age (a simple craft, snack & story time are included), a Wee Runner nursery for children 24 months of age to 3 years (a story time, songs, games and crafts are included) and a Preschool for children 3-4 years old (must be potty trained and age 3 by December 1st of that calendar year).
Homeschooling H.E.R.O
HERO serves homeschoolers in Lapeer County and the surrounding areas who are seeking quality classes. HERO provides two types of essential classes: core classes, such as Math, Science, Writing, and Literature; and enrichment classes, such as art and photography. HERO's resources include SAT prep, tutoring, transcript seminars and services, curriculum advising, and more. To provide more community for all homeschool families, HERO offers opportunities, such as field trips, mini-sessions, moms night out, social events, and much much more!
Lapeer Homeschool Partnership
The Lapeer Homeschool Partnership was developed to provide tuition-free academics and extra-curricular options to the homeschool community. Together, we believe that education is vitally important to the future of our community. We believe that parents should determine and select the educational opportunities that best meet their children’s needs. We believe in supporting parents and student by providing curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that meet the needs of ALL students.

Homeschool Connections
Welcome to Homeschool Connections! Here, we hope you find more than just information and classes. We hope you find a program that meets the standards of any classical education, yet flexible enough to accommodate any homeschool style. More than that, we hope you find a place to connect with others. A place to belong. With a background in education and educational counseling, Homeschool Connections was founded by Tarla Gernert in 2002 as a means towards filling a need for her own family. Since her own children have graduated, Tarla has continued to grow Homeschool Connections to 6 campuses, all providing classes of the highest quality taught by experts with a passion for passing on their knowledge and experiences to future generations. In addition to weekly classes, families have the opportunity to participate in field trips, support meetings, discounts and more. Homeschool Connections services also include educational counseling & advising and transcript assistance.

Classical Conversations
Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. We believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.