Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Co-op Registration 2017-18

Registration for the 2017-18 has passed, but there is still room! If you'd like to join co-op for the 2017-18 year, fill out our Join Co-op form (see link under the Co-op page), or send an email to seedsfaith@gmail.com.  
We also have these PAY PER CLASS options for high school:

Current Events 
American Short Stories 
Bible Study Isn't Boring
Elementary my dear Watson (LOGIC)

Contact seedsfaith@gmail.com if you are interested in our Pay Per Class option.


Registration for the 2017-18 co-op year will be June 13th, 2017 at Dryden Wesleyan Church, 5243 W Main St, Dryden, MI. If you are joining co-op this year, you will be contacted by email with your specific time to register your children. Any questions about registration can be sent via email to seedsfaith@gmail.com
Open and Print your Registration Packet at the links below (one for teachers, and one for assistants) and bring to registration. If you are unable to print, these documents will be available at registration for a $2 fee. You must contact seedsfaith@gmail.com ahead of time to reserve a printed packet. Packet includes: Registration Form, Medical Release, 2 copies of the Family Note Sheet, Agreements, Statement of Faith, Teen Permission Slip, and Teacher Information Form.
FireFox Users: the Registration Packet may not load or print correctly when using Firefox Internet browser. If you run into problems, please try using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, or contact seedsfaith@gmail.com and ask for a packet ($2 fee applies).
Teacher’s Registration Packet (for those teaching 1 or 2 classes – If you are registering with Groups A or B, print this one)
Assistant’s Registration Packet (for those assisting in 3 classes or alternate work assignments – If you are registering with Groups C or D, print this one)
Registration Schedule:
9:30 Registration for Group A (Teaching Two Classes)
10:30 Orientation for Groups A & B (ALL TEACHERS)
11:30-ish (when Teacher Orientation is finished) Registration for Group B (Teaching One Class)
12-12:30 Lunch Break for Leadership
12:30 Registration for Group C (Returning Families Not Teaching)
2:15 Registration for Group D (New Families)